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35th anniversary of Laibach

Our Songs, Your Dreams

torek, 14. julij 2015

The acclaimed Slovenian group Laibach celebrated its jubilee on Saturday 4 July at their traditional location, Trbovlje, where the group staged two evening concerts.

At Delavski dom Trbovlje, where Laibach first started on its impressive career path in 1980, the group of musicians also premiered some new material which they will perform in August in North Korea. This programme features new musical materials, including arrangements of known songs from the musical The Sound of Music, such as Do-Re-Mi, Climb Every Mountain and Edelweiss. In addition to the Sound of Music songs, the group will perform their own rendition of a selection of North Korean songs and hymns. The two Trbovlje concerts were followed by the open-air "party plenary" with food and drinks and entertainment program at the nearby Kum.