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Digitised musical materials

sreda, 25. marec 2015

Extensive collection of digitized musical material is available

Sigic' primary activities include the digitisation of musical materials such as sheet music editions, music books, articles and periodicals. Last year, Sigic digitised the music editions between 1872 and 1945 by the publishing house Glasbena matica, including the first edition of the first Slovene opera Gorenjski slavček ("The Nightingale of Gorenjska") composed by Anton Foerster.

Our digitised library also offers books which are of interest to professional musicologists as well as laymen and students, such as  Splošna, elementarna glasbena teorija ali začetni nauk o glasbi  (General, elementary music theory and solfeggio for beginners)  written by Matej Hubad. Among the 741 items of sheet music one can find collections of scores and individual, vocal (sample) as well as instrumental (sample), compositions. Most of the featured works are by Slovene authors and the others from the area of the former Yugoslavia.

You are invited to explore our treasure of digitised music materials, already available on the portal of the Digital Library of Slovenia dLib which is also included in the European digital library Europeana, a database of European cultural works.

Digitisation is included into the mainframe of MINSTREL project (2012 - 2015)