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Music in Slovenia

In spite of its small population and geographical size, Slovenia is able to offer Europe and the world a great deal that is interesting in the field of music, as its many music scenes are currently experiencing a genuine blossoming. Slovenia’s gaining independence, the change in the social system and the consequent opening up of the market, as well as the associated loss of the broader common Yugoslav cultural sphere in 1991, thoroughly shook the economic foundations of Slovene music. With the aid of private capital and sponsorship, many new organisers and producers entered the market, creating a paradoxical situation: less and less (public) money for the growing number of events and players on the scene. This led to the commercialisation both of the music scene itself and of the media infrastructure, forcing local musicians to redefine their mode of operation and communication with their potential public. An increasing number of Slovene musicians therefore consciously shifted their gaze across national borders to a greater extent and directly included themselves in international music currents. A positive consequence of all of these turbulent events is today’s lively and diverse music scene.

Photo: Petra Cevlbar