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The compilation, which comprises 2 CDs, features acclaimed artistic performances by musicians and ensembles: Jan Čizmazija, Igor Matković, Balchemy, Jure Pukl, Robert Jukič, Jani Moder's Brain Blender, Marko Churnchetz (Marko Črnčec), Lenart Krečič & Big Band RTV Slovenija, Organics, Cene Resnik Quartet, Lolita, Kukushai, MiNiMe, Vasko Atansovki Trio, Vid Jamnik Jamtet, Kombo B, Trojnik, BadBooshBand, Bratko Bibič & The Madleys & Guests, Dre Hočevar Trio, Samo Šalamon Bassless Trio feat. Paul McCandless & Roberto Dani, Milko Lazar in Zlatko Kaučič, Milan Stanisavljević and Drašler/Karlovčec/Drašler Trio.

Music featured on the compilation was selected by a panel of jazz experts, composed of publicists and jazz critics Mario Batelić and Andrej Hočevar and journalist/director Tina Lešničar (all of whom wrote texts featured in the compilation booklet). In their selection of music for the compilation, the panel primarily followed the criteria of newness and quality; the selected pieces thus offer a variety of genres and moods.

The double CD is also complemented by a documentary film Time for improvisation (Čas za improvizacijo) directed by Tina Lešničar and Janez Stucin and produced by Perfo Production, the production team which has been awarded at different international film festivals and which provides insight into the dynamic Slovenian jazz scene.

Accompanying booklet to the compilation CD Jazz Slovenia 2015 (pdf, 1 MB)

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The double-CD compilation Klasika Slovenia: Orchestral Works Vol. 1 presents the most exquisite classical music masterpieces penned by 20th-century Slovenian composers. The compilation album features a hand-picked selection of the most outstanding musical works by Slovene composers Anton Lajovic, Slavko Osterc, Marjan Kozina, Primož Ramovš, Uroš Krek, Marijan Lipovšek, Lucijan Marija Škerjanc, Matija Bravničar, Demetrij Žebre and Zvonimir Ciglič. Compositions selected from archive recordings are performed by the Slovenian Philharmonic Orchestra, the RTV Slovenia Symphony Orchestra, the RTV Ljubljana String Orchestra and the RTV Ljubljana Chamber Orchestra, under the direction of maestros Uroš Lajovic, Samo Hubad, Marko Munih and Simon Krečič with violinist Igor Ozim and the Slovenian String Quartet in the role of soloists. The accompanying informative essay, written by dr. Gregor Pompe, Assistant Professor at the Department of Musicology of the Faculty of Arts, Ljubljana, sheds additional light on these musical masterpieces. 

Accompanying booklet to the compilation CD Klasika Slovenia (pdf, 560 KB)

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(Pocket Music Guide) 

In this music guide you can find a great deal of interesting and useful information about the best Slovene musicians, individual music scenes and the specifics of musical activities in Slovenia in general. Written by recognised Slovene music experts and writers, the texts provide information in a compact and readable way about the music infrastructure in Slovenia and Slovene music of all genres, from classical and jazz to heavy metal and electronic dance music.In addition to a presentation of musical creativity, this pocket guide to music also offers abundant useful information, the contact details of the most important institutions, concert venues, organisers and producers of musical events, as well as publishers and media, all organised into sections according to the area of activity and musical genre, which gives you quick and easy access to the information you need.

Listen to Slovenia pdf. (1,5 MB)




The compilation Eksperiment Slovenia offers a sample of the current state of experimental music in Slovenia, which encompasses a broad spectrum of diverse musical and sonic approaches, including contemporary compositions, contemporary improvised music and sonic art, experimentation between sound and words, as well as with the cliché form of the popular song. The opulent CD is accompanied by a booklet with an essay offering an overview of Slovenian experimental music scene and detailed presentations of featured artists in English as well as in Slovene.

Accompanying booklet to the compilation CD Eksperiment Slovenia (pdf, 560 KB)

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The compilation of Slovenian ethno music (world music): Etno: Glasbene poti – podolgem in počez / Music Routes – Highways and Byways, Slovenia 2011 comprises a wide range of performances of some of the most renowned and acknowledged musicians who have indelibly influenced the Slovene ethno music in the last three years.The opulent double CD is accompanied by a booklet with three essays written by the members of the selection committee offering an overview of Slovenian ethno music. The booklet also contains detailed presentations of featured artists in English as well as in Slovene.

Accompanying booklet to the compilation CD Etno Slovenia 2011 (pdf, 3MB)

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The Slovene Music Information Centre presents the first compilation CD in the history of Slovene jazz. With the compilation Jazz Slovenia 2011, the SIGIC has attempted to capture fragments of creativity and present some of the most important and most interesting jazz performers, composers and arranges who have marked the Slovene jazz scene with their work between 2008 and 2011. The criteria for inclusion on the compilation were above all currentness and quality, and the compositions included therefore reflect various genres and moods.

 Accompanying booklet to the compilation CD Jazz Slovenia 2011 (pdf, 10MB)

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