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Slavko Avsenik passed away

ponedeljek, 20. julij 2015

The 86-year-old legendary accordion player and composer Slavko Avsenik, one of the most prolific ambassadors of Slovene music died on 2 July.

Slavko Avsenik and his brother Vilko Avsenik were part of the internationally renowned Avsenik Brothers Ensemble from 1953 to 1990. Slavko was a self-taught musician, who entered the music business by coincidence in 1952 and immediately caught the attention of the public. Following his first solo-accordion performances, Vilko and he established the quartet Gorenjski kvartet, which became one of the most popular folk-pop music ensembles in Slovenia. Their composition Na Golici brought the quartet unprecedented success as well as an international breakthrough.

The Avsenik brothers later took a break from the stage until 1997, when Slavko began with solo performances first at the hall in his native Begunje in the Gorenjska region, and then at various other venues across Slovenia.

The Avsenik Brothers, who co-wrote around 1,000 songs and compositions, some of which have yet to be recorded, represent the most internationally acclaimed Slovenian ethnic music ensemble and Slovenia's most popular music band, which has won countless awards including eight consecutive television competitions, twelve of which from German network television, was awarded eighteen times as Germany's most popular band, won the recording industry's "European Oscar" in 1975 and the Golden Rose Award (most requested on Austrian radio) in 1979, the Linhart plaque (Slovenia), and the "Hermann Löns" award from the German Minister of Culture. One of the many hit songs, for which Slavko wrote the melody and Vilko made arrangements for the famous ensemble is also Kadar bom vandral ... (When I wander…)