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The IAMIC Annual Meeting and General Assembly took place from 9 to 12 November 2013 in Bratislava and Vienna

petek, 15. november 2013

The event, which was organized by the Slovak and Austrian Music Centres, was attended by the representatives of IAMIC – International Association of Music Information Centres. SIGIC also took part in the event.

At the meeting, IAMIC members reviewed the present situation of the Association, strategic changes in membership and financial management and discussed future projects. As the World New Music Days and the meeting of members of ISCM (International Society for Contemporary Music) were taking place at the same time, the organizers made possible for the participants to attend three concerts per day. On one of the concerts a work by the New Zealand composer Neville Hall – a composer Slovenes have come to recognize as their own – was performed by the Ensemble Reconsil and its bassoonist.

On the last day of the meeting, new members of the Board were elected in general assembly. Sussana Eastburn (United Kingdom), executive director of the organization Sound and Music, has replaced Olga Smetanova (Slovakia) as the new IAMIC president. Ed Harsh (USA) has been elected vice-president and Michalis Karakatsanis ( the new secretary. Urs Schnell (  is a new member of the Board with other members remaining the same: treasurer Kostas Moschos (Greece),   Laure Marcel-Berlioz (France) and Miroslav Pudlák (the Czech Republic).

Meetings traditionally feature lectures on various subjects. This year's topic was “Success in Music”. Thus, successful Slovak organizations (the Pohoda Festival, Slovak Philharmonic, the Radio Symphony Orchestra…) presented their work. The well-known Finnish composer Kaia Saariaho talked about her successful career and of the role of the Finnish Music Information Centre in her international breakthrough. She is a member of ISCM and her compositions were featured at many concerts in Bratislava.

Kaija Saariaho at the concert (Photo: Iamic)

In Vienna, the MICA – Austrian Music Centre ( organized lectures on the interrelatedness between politics, economics and art and other related subjects, such as gauging success in different music genres with music charts, competitions and media. The latest tools for a successful promotion of musicians were also presented.

The next IAMIC conference will take place within the time frame of the World Music Days in Wrocłav (Poland), from 3 to 8 October 2014.

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